Construction has to change
In order not to 'screw up' the earth any further, we will have to build modularly with sustainable and circular materials. Take a quick look behind the scenes and meet our bright minds and clever makers.
Meet the team
Rethinkers in
heart and soul
At Unbrick we make a truly innovative contribution, thanks to smart construction techniques we unleash a sustainable revolution in construction. We rethink traditions in the market. For the better. Smarter, more sustainable and faster. We do this with a team of almost 75 thinkers and approachers. Engineers, craftsmen (and men), geeks, marketers, and vacationers — everyone contributes to the same goal. 
How It’s Made: Unbrick
We manage our entire process with software used by manufacturers where details make all the difference. Such as NASA and Airbus. State-of-the-art software that ensures maximum efficiency in our entire chain. So, when we upgrade a house, all processes, materials and routes are automatically adjusted immediately.
Great people only
At Unbrick we are convinced that you can only make the most beautiful products with great people; and if that product is also helping improve the world, you know for sure that you are in the right place.
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Made in Ede, grown by nature


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