We need to build differently
Tot not 'screw up' mother earth any further, we will have to build in a different way than we're used to. Modular, using sustainable and circular materials. Take a peek behind the scenes and meet our bright faces and clever creators.
Meet the team
in blood and bones
At Unbrick we make a truly innovative contribution, thanks to smart construction techniques, we unleash a sustainable revolution in construction. We rethink traditions in the market. For the better. Smarter, more sustainable and faster. We do this with a growing team of rethinkers and go-getters. Engineers, craftswomen (and men), geeks, marketers and holiday workers  — everyone contributes to the same cause. 
How It’s Made: Unbrick
We manage our entire process with software used by manufacturers where details make the difference. Think of NASA and Boeing. State-of-the-art software that ensures maximum efficiency in our entire chain. So, when we upgrade a house, all processes, materials and routes are automatically adjusted immediately.
From beautiful Ede
From a bird's eye view, a Tour de Unbrick, in which we show you what is happening now, where our homes are produced and where our (wooden) extension will be built. 
Interested in an Unbrick?
Made in Ede, grown by nature


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