Always rethink everything
Every Unbrick home is developed from A to Z in our own factory and we challenge the industry standards at every step in the production process.

Can a house also generate energy? Why are we making skirting boards everywhere? Why do we still use keys? Why does a door have a door frame? Can a house completely go out?

Merijn Storm van Leeuwen

Founding Partner

I am constantly rethinking. Looking for new innovations for our high-quality homes. Better for the resident and better for our planet! This means that we produce prefab and assemble locally instead of traditional building. And our holiday homes generate substantially more (solar) energy than they use.

Vincent Gravesteyn

Founding Partner

At Unbrick we think based on the wishes of the customer. And so we continuously optimise the customer journey. Soon in our Unbrick community we will be constantly listening to the feedback from our customers and their guests. Better for investors, vacationers and the planet.

Vincent Gravesteyn

Founding Partner

Bij Unbrick ontwikkelen we woningen nogal anders dan gebruikelijk is in de markt. Niet omdat we zo graag anders willen zijn, wel omdat we er van overtuigd zijn dat het slimmer moet. Slimmer voor investeerders, slimmer voor vakantiegangers en vooral slimmer voor de planeet.
Meet the team
Way of working
Assembling versus Building
We do not build our homes on the park, but in our own production facility. Where we can determine the conditions perfectly and use hours and materials more efficiently. Prefab components act as Lego blocks that we assemble on site.

Our production team and production process are controlled down to the last detail by Dassault software. 3D software that is also used by parties such as NASA and Airbus. In this way, transport flows, communication and margins of error are minimised and we can produce homes on a large scale.
"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new."
- Socrates
Made in Ede
We develop our holiday homes in our factory in the Netherlands and source all our materials locally as much as possible. In this way we minimize travel movements and turnaround time, maximize our efficiency and productivity and neutralize our impact on Mother Earth. By developing locally, we also ensure faster delivery times.
Gemaakt in Nederland
We ontwikkelen onze vakantiewoningen in Nederland en halen al onze materialen zoveel mogelijk lokaal. Zo minimaliseren we reisbewegingen en doorlooptijd, maximaliseren we onze efficiëntie en productiviteit en neutraliseren we onze impact op moeder aarde. 


Development Goals

We zijn het aan de toekomstige generaties verplicht om ons in te zetten voor de United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) en het VN-Klimaatakkoord van Parijs. Onze processen, partnerships en eindproducten ijken we aan deze standaarden.


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